how about some low fill?

29 June 2011

Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

I had been testing the Lastolite Ezybox Hotshoe 24″ softbox after getting my hands on it…. putting the softbox on top demanded some on-axis fill or low fill…. haven’t yet tried out with on-axis fill, so low fill was the way to go…. the aim was to make sure that I don’t have a lotta shadows on the faces when the subject wasn’t looking upwards into the softbox…

Lamisa’s favourite bag hasn’t featured so far in any of the photos…. most of the time, she was concerned about her Dad’s photo bags… so, when I told her to bring her bag for the shoot, she was delighted…. it was a hard shoot, as Lamisa was in no mood to stay at the same place for more than a couple of minutes… so, some real patience was needed to get some shots done…..

challenge was multiple…. I didn’t want the low fill to illuminate the background by any substantial margin…. so, the low fill’s direction needed to be controlled… the hair-light needed to be placed properly to feature in the picture…. and as the hair-light was stuck with the backdrop stand, I had to resort to various improvisation….. the Ezybox’s positions were also changed numerous times to get the exposure right…. the Ezybox was mounted on an improvised boom stand, which put the light right on top of the subjects…. a normal lightstand would’ve been in the frame….







I switched from one subject to two without changing the settings…. and the 70-210 lens allowed me to do the whole thing without changing lenses….








more to come later…..




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  1. Ashif Ridwan says:

    Lamisa beshi cute :*

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