a sunny day at last, and windy too!

09 July 2011
Mohammadpur, Dhaka

it has rained quite heavily in recent days…. hardly a day gone by without something coming down from the heavens…. a nice outing without getting wet was becoming a rarity…. and worse still, quite frequently it rained during the golden hours of photography….. so, when the weekend coincided with a sunny day, I could hardly wait… it was a nice day off with the family…. avoided any outdoor stuff just to spend a lazy day….

the golden sunlight at the end of the day took us to the rooftop…. the sun was actually behind the clouds when we had reached the rooftop…. and when it did come out, it was too weak to aid real photography….. I decided to try out the Westcott Apollo 28″ softbox in the outdoors for the first time…. the softbox is basically based on an umbrella, which made it perfecting for catching every bit of wind there is…. and unfortunately, there was more than enough wind to make me scramble…. I put a couple of brick blocks on the light-stand base to make it stable…. one wasn’t enough; the whole setup got imbalanced and headed downdowns once when I grabbed it at the last moment!…. two bricks made it stable enough to reduce some of my worries…. yet, it required manual help to keep its direction…. it was constantly changing its direction, making proper lighting difficult…. and the higher I put the softbox, the problems just got multiplied….

anyway, Lamisa was at her best getting that open space…. she was running too much to get her to face the light…. we did enjoy the shoot; she enjoyed the space…. the Apollo proved a great light source with one YN-560 flash in it…. its light is even and creamy….


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