coming of age…..

10 July 2011
Dhaka, Bangladesh

he’s a character for sure….. I’ve known him for the last two decades or so…. one of the funkiest guys I’ve known, but at the same time, one of the most loving personalities….. he had faced reality at a very early age, when he lost his father…. but since then he has proven his maturity beyond his years…. being always remindful of his responsibilities, he kept his own promises….

it’s been a privilege watching this boy grow to become a man…. very casual, as always; but he had been dedicated to his family and to his friends…. and this is becoming a bit more complicated with the addition of another very important person….. but I’m sure, he’s up for it….

I have lotsa fond memories with him….. a big part of that would be the community we had been able to maintain for such a long time; even after going through so much in each individual’s lives…. Aurnab had been part of that community, always showing his passion for this unique group of friends…. he has changed over the years in his stature, but never changed his attitude towards the “pararchelez”…..

a very expressive person; always ready in front of the camera; Aurnab has featured in front of my lens many times since the start of my passion in photography…. and very interestingly, my passion for photography is younger to his’…… he took up a Minolta SLR at a very age, when I was far from cameras and lenses…. his passion didn’t drive him though…. but it was there in him all the time…. a photo of my sister-in-law (bhabi) taken by him during my brother’s wedding still rests bedside…. I pushed him to get active with the camera once I began to grow my interest… I even started a Flickr account in April 2007 for him with the images that he shot with my Sony H-2 in 2006….. even that wasn’t enough to let him loose… anyway, I think he’s always ready for it if he wishes to….

he has started his new journey with new determination…. we can only wish the best for him….. he and Nazia make a great couple…. and as far as we are concerned, we hope to be friends forever…..


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2 Responses to coming of age…..

  1. Naheeyan says:

    Aurnob got married,,,late to the party again,,,Parvez bhai, Good thoughts on Aurnob

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