in the realm of Gollum….

12 July 2011
Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

can we really know Gollum unless we see him in the Mines of Moria, among the cold and shabby surroundings?……. surroundings can play a huge part in defining characters…. and activities can add more to it….. this idea clicked in my mind and decided to take the camera in hand….

Lamisa is not always the cute and quiet baby that we always see in the pictures…. in fact, her activities give others around the house a pretty hard time…. and that is not a once-in-while thing….. what about shooting Lamisa in her busy times, while she’s most at home?….. well, thats what we did…..

an overhead softbox was used to keep the light confined…. I used my long unused 18-35mm lens to cover the whole room…. haven’t used this lens since that strobist meet in my place in March 2010 when the lens got damaged after falling on the floor with the camera body and tripod…. it still functions; and the damage is not noticeable unless you see the pics at 100%….

Lastolite Ezybox 24″ softbox was fitted at the end of a Manfrotto monopod, which was used as a boom….. my wife did that part with some efficiency, while I went on shooting…. Lamisa was difficult to keep in focus though and needed that quick recycle for the flash, which is why I was shooting at f7.1….. didn’t really want the environ go completely dark…. a bit of it was vital to what I was planning to display — Lamisa in her environ…..

more to come later…..


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