its all about perspective…..

16 July 2011
Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

it all depends on the view we have of something…. our differing views can make the same thing look different…. and that was what we experimented with when Rumi Bhai and Gazi Bhai showed up…. while reviewing the Westcott Apollo 28″ softbox, we decided to try it out with some shots….. Lamisa’s favourite “mama” is Gazi Mama and there was no problem getting the two in one frame….. I was just too lazy bringing out all the black fabrics to set up a black backdrop…. so, decided to improvise…. I put the softbox in a 90-degree stance to the subject and work around it…. this made sure that the wall, which was around 6′ in the back, didn’t get a lotta light from the softbox….. the first idea was to shape the light using the surface of the softbox….. put Lamisa in different positions to get different views and also experimented with Gazi Bhai’s face…… at one point, also used a reflector on the other side to take off some of the shadows….

 the crazy thing started when we decided to take the softbox off the top of the light…. two hard lights from two different directions created that hard-edge look…. also used a kicker light on the floor to bring a bit of detail on the shirt of Gazi Bhai, also not forgetting the chain around his neck…. decided to use the silver reflector as a backdrop…… well, its not too bad to experiments, isn’t it?….. the hard-light combination opened up the horizons and created that latitude I was looking for….. wanted to create something different….. and thats what we got…. the ever expressive Gazi Bhai came up with some great expressions to produce something out of nothing….. we were able to create something different without doing a lot….. just changed the perspective….. and we were through…..

more to come leter….


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