and a dancing baby shoot…..

17 July 2011
Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

I was just testing the 120x50cm Simpex softbox…. its a nice tool for almost a full-body portrait; at least for a child…. Lamisa was quiet…. well, for the time being…. showing the beautiful light quality of this cheap tool…. then it all began to change when Riad showed up….

Lamisa likes to dance…. so, capturing her in her act came naturally….. Riad became the catalyst for it….. but capturing a dancing baby under artificial lights has some challenges…. especially when the baby is jumping around over some space…. it was a real challenge to capture the right moments in the right manner….

I was working with one light only…. the Elinchrom Ranger unit powering a 120x50cm Simpex softbox…. the shape of the softbox allowed me to control the spread of light…. and that, also facilitated a separation of the subject from the background…. but it had its drawbacks…. the narrow light source meant that Lamisa was easily out of the lights every now and then…. and the way she jumped around, some of the best moments were ruined as she partially jumped out of the frame!!

anyway, it was fun….. and it was a precious shoot as well, as her “guitar” doesn’t seem to have enough life in it for another shoot….

more to come soon…. would be dumping some of the backlogged stuff one after the other…


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