twenty-taka light…..

23 July 2011
Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

I always try to make a picture different from the one that I just took…. its not easy when your options get limited by lack of time…. but every now and then you do get that opportunity when you encounter something new…. it may not be the most valuable stuff… its just different from what I shoot everyday…. and that opportunity was presented to me by a cheap top that illuminates while in action…. Lamisa is a bit too young to operate it…. but she loves to watch it; though its hard to keep it away from her hands… she tries it, and thats where she takes all the joy…. the toy in others’ hands just creates that desire for her…

to accomplish this, I wanted to drag the shutter…. to create light-trails…. it was pretty easy when I set up a black backdrop…. a one-second exposure did the job well enough…. the flash did the rest… at first, I decided to turn off the lights in the room, which scared Lamisa off a bit…. then I decided to do it even with the lights on…. and it worked!!… the difficulty was with Lamisa…. she was not in the mood to stay in one place…. and we were able to make a few number of shots before we had to call it off….

before we ventured in this, we did some typical shoots as well, with Lamisa and her pumpkin doll…. and she also had her hands on the sticks of my 120x50cm softbox…

more to come soon enough….. lots of backlogs….

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