just a pinch of ISO….

30 July 2011
Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

its been a while since I’ve pushed the camera ISO levels to something like 3200 or more…. my efforts had been more towards achieving a higher dynamic range through the use of artificial lights…. and such lights surely do a wonderful job when they are available….. but there are situations when you are too far away from those lights or you are just utterly lethargic to move your body in the direction of those lights…. and you make a decision – what do I do with the camera in my hand?

Lamisa gives me the reason to pick up the camera almost too many times…. thats what she does best and I just have to make sure that I’m not lazy enough…. her expressive ways always inspired me to click once more…. sometimes, without the extra lights…. when you have a beautiful daylight window nearby producing that lovely sidelight, you forget that you have artificial lights nearby…… and then, with a pinch of ISO you get that dynamic range and shutter speed…. with the 50mm shooting at f2.2, it needed only 800 ISO to do a decent enough job…. Lamisa was moving, but it was just about enough to freeze the action….

more backlogs waiting in the wings to get dumped!!


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4 Responses to just a pinch of ISO….

  1. ishootnikon says:

    Hi. As a newbie to digital photography I usually fringe at the thought of upping the ISO and my understanding isn’t that great yet. But surprisingly I went for it on Sunday and shot at 400 when the sky was cloudy to sunny. Worked pretty well. Do you do this for a living or is it your hobby?

    • thanks for stopping by and leaving a thought…. 🙂
      actually upping the ISO isn’t a bad idea within a certain limit…. digital camera now-a-days are so advanced…. the film age simply didn’t have such a luxury… shooting at ISO 3200 or 6400 may sometimes be the difference between having a photo and not having one…. its such a privilege…. P&S camera’s usually get a bit grainy from ISO400 onwards…. DSLRs can take it from 1600-6400 depending on the model….

      and I’m not a pro yet…. its still a hobby… lets see, where it takes me…. 🙂

  2. Prateek says:

    You are much better than many Pros ! 🙂

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