an evening of portraiture….

19 August 2011
Bailey Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh

the Paraboyz are some sticky dudes… they don’t know how to forget memories…. they know whats important in their lives….. they also know what comes around and what doesn’t…. so, when the proposition of a get-together, along with a photowalk came up, it was always a “go”….. the only factor that still remained was when…..

big thanks to the guys for showing up and displaying the affection for that friendship…. a friendship that never had a boundary of age….. this is one multi-age unique group….. the boyz have become men, and busy…. but the effort to keep that friendship alive has never become old…. I am proud to be part of it….

after that short photowalk at Chawkbazar Iftar Market, we had our Iftar at Royal Restaurant of Lalbagh…. but it was just too late for us to sit there and order something good…. but we had enough to call it an ‘Iftar’….. anyway, we also wanted to have a guys’ evening…. our families (well, those who have!) could wait….

the guys of Paraboyz who had been interested in photography, they were the main participants for this venture…. others were invited too…. ultimately we ended up with just 6 of us…. Omi left right after the photowalk at Chawkbazar…. while the five of us ventured in the evening for something different…. and it was different….

we hung out at Bailey Road; had a lot of yummy fruit juice, and before leaving, we decided to do something that we could remember….. we did some portraiture of ours…. I had a hunch that we might end up doing something like this…. so, I toiled to bring some strobist stuff…. a Lastolite 24″ Ezybox Hotshoe softbox, along with a YN-560 flash, Elinchrom Skyport radio triggers and a Manfrotto monopod, to be used as a boom….

Anonto is a great guy…. handsome, good-looking, and creative…. he was a pace sensation in our para cricket team…. but since then he has accomplished a lot more than just playing for his para, though those have nothing to do with his skills as a cricketer….. a young architect in his own right and making his mark in the industry with his creative stuff…. have seen him after a while actually…. his bearded look was something of a surprise for all of us…. he has lived up to his family, which is full of creative people…..

Aurnab is one my favourite subjects because of his expressive nature…. he has been as casual as he has ever been….. great guy to hang around with…. and loveable friend…. would love to see him restart his photography, as he has the eye for it, I believe…..

Shihab has always been a great friend…. one of the earliest enthusiasts among us in photography, he has found his firm footing in mass communication…. and thats where he’s discovering his passion for photography once more…. he’s been the main instigator behind a photowalk with our click-buddies…. big thanks!!….. and being involved with conservation of Nature, it was just more appropriate to click him in front of that backdrop!!

Anik is one of the funniest guys I know….. I can still remember that trip of ours at Bandarban and Cox’s Bazaar five years ago, where we had a great amount of fun having him around….. and as he has found his newly-found passion in photography, it was on me to figure out something unique for him…. I decided to create something that would portray his new desire…… I had only one light… so, I shot two images separately with that single softbox and stitched them together in Photoshop….. never done such kinda stuff in my life…. but it turned out to be pretty good!! 🙂

the main aim of the photowalk and the photoshoot were to bind ourselves in sort of an activity that would remain in memory for a much longer period….. it wasn’t just another adda, or another Iftar or another dinner…. it was a memory…. thanks guys!!


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