how do you photograph a baby with balloons??

05 August 2011
Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

how do you shoot a baby with balloons?….. one way would be to give the baby space with all the balloons around her…. but how about shooting only the baby’s expressions with the balloons around her?….. you have to shoot pretty close, isn’t it?…. thats how it all began for Lamisa…. one of Lamisa’s favourite stuff is balloon…. she always demands balloons from the family members when they came back home from outside…. that made us create sort of a balloon stock in the house…. and however transient their lives may be, they still are capable of cheering her up…. and thats all that matters….

my aim was to show only her expressions with the balloons around…. and leave everything else….. for that, I chose the Sigma 150mm macro, one of the sharpest lenses I have, and placed a Simpex 120cm x 50cm softbox on Elinchrom Ranger unit…. I was shooting at f11 to give enough depth to the image and to make sure that I don’t miss focus with all that balloon around…. and I also switched to manual focus… Lamisa was playing with the balloons, so the balloons were anything but stable…. for a big portion of the time, the balloons were between her and the light, putting her in shadows…… and she was also preferring to hide behind the balloons most of the time!….. so, I had to look for the slightest of opportunities to shoot between the balloons…. the Elinchrom Ranger provided the fast recycle I needed…. a speedlite would probably not have done the job; definitely not at f11….. the 120cm x 50cm softbox helped me to control the exposure on the subject as well as on the backdrop…. I’m kinda loving this cheap tool….. and not to forget that it fits the Elinchrom mount!!

Lamisa was impatient as usual… and I had to make do…. the shoot had to be done in several sittings…. so, needed to keep the gear ready, looking for that opportunity when Lamisa was in the mood….

more to come soon…. still getting rid of backlogs!!


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