a re-launch…. WordPress is good, isn’t it?

28 January 2013

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it was 29 June 2011 when we decided to start this blog on WordPress… the motive was totally different then… it was more of a technical decision rather than tactical… but today, its the other way round… we’re trying to put a different perspective…

technically, WordPress is an excellent blogging platform… I’m not a techno guy, yet I was able to recognise the convenience of blogging here in WordPress… we decided to pick WordPress on the basis of its wide reputation and good recommendations we received from friends… as it turned out, it was at least a good decision to start blogging in WordPress…. this blog wasn’t part of our 2013 plans though…. but we did decide at the start of the year 2013 on restarting our blogging effort in a bigger way…

making sense of it all….

anyway, there has to be a reason why we moved away from our main blog on Blogger…. or did we?… actually we didn’t move away from our main blog… we are just placing the blogs differently… lets make sense of it all…. this blog would be used for discussion on photography as a whole… if the articles are not directly related to photography lighting or travel within Bangladesh, they will be posted in this blog… so, what types of photography discussions are we talking about?….

a) photography events (Chobi Mela VII or Bangladesh in Frames V or other events)
b) interviews and photo adda/discussions
c) discussion about photography legends
d) travel stories, experiences and place reviews
e) hardware discussions (reviews, rumours, news, etc.)
f) discussion about post-processing
g) contemporary issues and trends regarding photography
h) problem-solving discussions
i) you name it….

the biggest changes….

this blog would have something that are not covered in other blogs from us….
1) guest blogs….. yes, we’ll invite guest bloggers to write for us…. this will bring a fresh perspective…
2) Bangla blogging…. surprised?…. yes, this is anther of the new additions…. this is to explore new areas… and as we’re also including guest bloggers, this option would add a new flexibility….

what about the other blogs?

the other blogs are there to support this one and vice-versa….

portrait photography and photography lighting would be covered in our main Ideasrbulletproof blog….

IRB Banner_Version-ii__27Jan2013_webpage

when it comes to local travel (travel within Bangladesh), the blogs would be part of our oldest and most well-known blog, Desherchobi…. though we haven’t been able to update that blog since 2009…. hope the year 2013 becomes lucky (!)

Desherchobi Banner

our Tumblr micro-blog would also be there for the most regular ‘quick-and-dirty’ posts!…. those micro-blogs would be, well… micro-blogs… tiny posts with very few words and one/several images…. that will continue as usual….

IRB_Micro-blog Banner_27Jan2013_Tumblr

our workshops and tutorial-related stuff would be posted in our Idea Workshops blog…. as indicated in our 2013 aims, we would like to offer new workshops this year….

IdeaWorkshops Banner

please don’t forget to leave your feedback… your feedback is an important motivation behind this effort… thanks for reading this… a lot more to come….


About Ideas_R_Bulletproof

Photographer, Entrepreneur, Writer, Blogger, Market Researcher, Consultant; goes by the title of Ideas_R_Bulletproof
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3 Responses to a re-launch…. WordPress is good, isn’t it?

  1. Mahi Anjum Lisa says:

    Looking forward to the workshop! πŸ˜€ And best of luck with everything!

    • thanks!!… we hope to launch workshops some time during mid year, when it would be bit of a lean season for everyone…. good time to learn then… we’ll be also conducting some polls possibly to determine which workshop should go first…. thanks for the feedback again!! πŸ™‚

  2. Mahi Anjum Lisa says:

    Most welcome! πŸ™‚ And polls are a good idea!

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