is blocking Youtube pushing our photography behind?

30 January 2013

Youtube is blocked in Bangladesh since September 2012

its been a while since the government of Bangladesh blocked Youtube… it was September 17, 2012…. its been more than four months…. this action can be defended with many arguments in favour, but the time-span of four months can hardly be justified…. we’ve heard a lot of rumours regarding the withdrawal of this ban, but never found this coming to reality…. the ban itself is a bit of farce, actually… as some people can actually get access to the blocked site pretty easily…. and without the help of any proxy sites… these “some” people are mostly subscribers of local broadband services, who are below the radar most of the times…. I’m not a techno guy, so, I’m not going to go into the nitty-gritties of how Youtube is being accessed in one place and not being accessed in another…. and how, presumably because of this ban, some of the other Google services are malfunctioning in some cases…. not sure whether this is because of the ban or not… but its happening… I can’t access Blogger from my mobile, which says that the site is blocked upon government request!!… how come Blogger became part of this?… its ridiculous!!

a bar to learning….

anyway, the main point of discussion in this blog post is Youtube as an aid to learning, especially for photographers…. not just because many photographers have turned to video as well to explore the possibilities in the field of multimedia, Youtube has always been a place for learning…. I’m not just talking about photographers… there are so many learning materials available on Youtube, that blocking the site now can be termed as a bar to learning for many…. and some people are dependent to some extent on this site for their business as well….they’re suffering a lot…. others are getting more dependent on proxy sites… I’ve explored proxy, but never found the freedom…. its a pain, in my experience!!

importance of learning ignored….

journalists have been terming this as bar to freedom of speech and blocking access to information… but the importance of Youtube as a tool for learning is not discussed by many…. its a shame that the importance of learning is getting a back seat… I learned it from a writing that Youtube is the number four among the most popular websites in Bangladesh behind Google, Facebook and Yahoo… its true that Internet speed is still a big reason behind Youtube’s current position at number four… but my observations tell me that Facebook videos are quite popular…. getting thousands of views…. most of the FB videos are fun stuff and have little to no learning material in them… more importance towards fun stuff reminds us that we’re still too far away in terms of harnessing the potential of the Internet…. right now, the Internet is mostly for our social networking…give something funny; people will enjoy…. give something to learn; its too boring and nobody has time for it…. so, if Youtube returns to Bangladesh, would people turn more towards learning?… can’t really say anything about that…

as long as we don’t realise the value of learning and business over the Internet, we’re going to be behind other countries in the world…. PayPal is also blocked from doing business in Bangladesh…. so, it seems like we’re doing everything possible to push our country behind in the cyberspace!!

the future of Ideasrbulletproof video podcasts hangs in the balance….

we had said that at the start of the year that we would like to restart our video podcast series in 2013…. we received a lot of requests from young photographers since our last video podcast to restart the series…. as the status of Youtube is still uncertain, we may just think about restarting the podcast series on Facebook, and wait for Youtube to return (if ever!)….

what do you think about this current situation?…. do you feel the absence of Youtube in Bangladesh?…. do you think this ban is pushing us (especially photography) behind?….. and do you think our consideration about replacing Youtube with Facebook videos is a good idea?…. please leave your feedback…. and thanks a lot for reading!


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  1. I already noticed this earlier & read it! bt too much lazy for making comments! :-S

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