Chobi Mela VII: Third visit – Dhaka Art Center

05 February 2013

after the successful first two visits at Chobi Mela VII, I got a bit inspired and ventured into a third visit… this time, the venue is Dhaka Art Center, though I haven’t been able to complete my tour of the Shilpakala Academy, which houses by far the biggest number of displays…. while the first visit at Drik Gallery and Bengal Gallery was more accidental than anything, the second one at Dhaka University and Shilpakala Academy was planned…. a planned visit always gives more time to spend at the venue… thats why we planned this third visit ahead of time…

Dhaka Art Center had two exhibits on display…. both the exhibits had a melancholy feel… to some degree, they would make you sad…. the exhibits were more about the artistic viewpoint of the artists than just photography alone… in fact, photography was just part of the visual display there….


Shumon Ahmed’s story, titled “What I have Forgotten Could Fill an Ocean, What is Not Real Never Lived” was about his own mother, who had a mild intellectual disability from her childhood due to iodine deficiency, because of which she was subjected to immense injustice, even by her son, the photographer…. the photographer told the story of his feeling of guilt after his mother was gone… the photographs were a visualisation of his burning conscience…. you also have to have a look at the letters his mother wrote to him…. the words would touch you!


the second story was by Sandra Vitaljić… entitled “Beloved“, it really is the most extraordinary thought for an art display…. its may be a too much for some, but this thought surely shows how deep a theme can exist behind a photograph… one has to understand the story fully before looking at the images…. if my view, this is probably the most extraordinary display I’ve experienced during Chobi Mela VII so far…

with less than couple of days to go, I’m not sure whether I would be able to complete my journey through the whole festival…. well, honestly, I didn’t think I would go this far… so, lets see!


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