its always about the people…..

01 March 2013

DSC_1984Taxi driver, Bangkok, 2008

a place is always defined by its people…. whatever we see with our eyes – all the architecture, pomp, mechanisations, etc. – these are all nothing but the ways of life… ways of life of people…. for this reason, almost inevitably, I was drawn to photographing people wherever I went…. its not that I took photos of only people, but I had to pick some of my most favourtie, they have to contain people…. people add that dynamism to a photograph…. it adds life…. it adds an identity… a name….

DSC_7370Goldman, Kualalumpur, 2011

people’s faces, their attire, gesture, occupation, surroundings, etc. all add up to give an identity to the place photographed…. I did most of my travel inside Bangladesh; yet little that I’ve traveled outside, I was always drawn to people…. the culture of a place is more visible with people than anything else…. sometimes, its the flashy stuff that attract more attention, e.g. billboards…. but that also comes from people’s choices…. it shows people’s inclination towards a certain viewpoint; it shows trends; aspirations….

P1040398Flute player, New Delhi, 2011

I had always been attracted to great photographers who travel worldwide…. people like Steve McCurry brings us the whole world on our table…. their views of the places they visit gives us an idea of what a travel photographer should look for…. its no point going some place and coming back with no strong links…. and its the photos that can produce those links…. photos containing people are more likely to give stronger connections….

what experiences do you have with travel photography?…. don’t forget to share…. and thanks a lot for reading!


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2 Responses to its always about the people…..

  1. Mahi Anjum Lisa says:

    I have always wanted to travel with my camera! Thank you for sharing this Sharif bhai! 🙂 Hopefully some day soon I will InshaAllah! 🙂

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