old memories bring emotions….

26 March 2013

the 42nd birthday of our nation is a momentous occasion to remember a passion that has always been with us for the last six years…. Through the Lens: Bangladesh (TTL) group had been a part of our lives throughout these years…. we had been through memories that have become gold by now…. today, looking back towards those memories made me emotional…. and also inspired me to write this post with all those oldies….

DSC_6416part of the photographers’ group on the Basila Photowalk… 05 September 2008

one of the most popular of TTL’s activities was photowalks…. and I still remember the first one…. the Third Buriganga Bridge was yet to be completed…. 05 September 2008…. we crossed the river on boats and spent some good times on the edge of the water there, taking photos…. the photos remind us of the people who had been with us on that day….

DSC_9339the Sundarbans tour was one of the most memorable….

the first safari tour of TTL (24-25 October 2008) was even more dramatic…. the Sundarbans tour would be remembered not just for the photos we made there, but we really enjoyed our company…. it was the start of all those fun that gave rise to the safari concept…. subsequent tours to Tanguar Haor, Bandarban, Kuakata, and many other places were landmarks and always inspired new tours…. photowalks and safaris are currently some of the best ways to practice and learn photography, especially for the new photographers….

DSC_4966the posterwalk on the night of 19-20 March 2009 was the craziest!

also remember the first exhibition of TTL, the BIF-1…. the craze of those times can’t possibly be described today…. it was the night of 19-20 March 2009 was the craziest of all, when we went out in numbers to do postering for the event!

there are just too many memories to remember…. besides these photowalks, safaris and posterwalks there were the workshops, the exhibitions, the award ceremonies…. all have their own memories…. I can go on all day…. the best thing is that TTL became part of our real lives…. we started off from an online community based around Flickr…. but we ended up being real-life friends…. and TTL was the platform that brought us together…. thank you TTL!


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  1. no doubt those are the diamond days of life

  2. ঝাক্কাস

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