back to the old habit….

06 January 2014


once it almost became a habit for me to travel everywhere with a camera and to click everywhere…. somehow that habit encountered too many problems that it shouldn’t have… I questioned myself too many times regarding this ‘loss of moments’…. I advise everyone to click as much as possible…. but somehow I failed to live up to my own formula…. though the reason wasn’t because of anything related to photography, it still was something of a block…. a photographer’s block…. the hurdle was too big to overcome that easily…. but I’m glad that I finally made it….

P1060747P1060749P1060750P1060751it was my favourite regular carry-on camera that revived my old habit….. the Panasonic Lumix LX5…. I can hardly remember the last time when I took that many photos with this camera…. used this camera for some videos of late, but didn’t really use it for photos…. and add to that, the best accessory….. in fact, the accessory option that was one of the prime reasons for me to choose this camera…. yes, the hotshoe…. I just topped this camera with a YN-560 flash…. and it became a monster with an over-sized head!!….. the bounced flash was more than enough to convert some possible shabby images into some cute natural-looking ones….

P1060754P1060756my brilliant subject was none other than Saadi….. we did three full sessions with him…. a newborn session, a six-month session, and a one-year session….. now, at two years and two months, he was more than a handful…. he was so eager to look at the LCD outputs that it became very difficult to carry on taking some photos!!….

P1060761anyway, I had a superb time with Saadi…… it was his sister Tabassum’s fifth birthday (5th Jan)…. but to me, the moments really went to Saadi…. he had tremendous fun…. he was expressive and happy to pose….. and I was only happy to click….. the LX5 was as usual superb!!….. its speed and ability to use a hotshoe flash once again proved to be my favourite light go-to kit…. I just need to keep pushing myself to find an excuse to click!!


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2 Responses to back to the old habit….

  1. Good to know you are making a comeback. I must admit you were one of the inspirations and still is for my photography.

    • I am humbled to the extreme, Avik Bhai!! 🙂
      Its been an extremely tough time for me over the last one year or so…. I had been in photography for all this time…. but the commitment to photography took a back seat to life’s other much more important commitments…. hoping for a better year ahead…. need all the inspiration I can muster…. huge thanks for the inspiration….

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