P&S wide-angle fun…..

23 January 2014 Image I’ve heard a lot of newbie camera-wielders complaining about their camera’s inability to zoom in a lot more than it can…. there are in fact, very few who complain about the camera not having a wide enough field of view…. most of the time the zoom option is needed by them not because they require a particular perspective, but rather to reduce pressure on their feet…. yup…  people don’t like use their feet a lot when shooting photos…. and thats one of the reasons their photos don’t look good enough…. its all more because of a lack of understanding of photography as a subject…. camera is part of photography, but its isn’t photography alone…. the craft of photography needs some learning and practice; just like any other craft in the world…. Image I love my little Panasonic LX-5 point-and-shoot (P&S) cam…. most of the time I end up shooting at its widest angle…. it doesn’t have a lotta zoom, which prevents from achieving a really different perspective…. but the 24mm wide end is truly superb…. most of today’s P&S cams are coming with wide-angle lenses…. 24mm or at least 28mm…. these lenses allow a little P&S to achieve some dramatic pictures that are usually out of reach of today’s very popular mobile phone cameras…. Image I like to use vantage point and go up close and personal with the 24mm view…. its so much more entertaining than a typical angle or focal length…. its not just for taking photos, for video as well…. its one of my most favourite options for taking a quick snap….

PS: it was Lamisa who really enjoyed the Tuna Shashlik…. its not exactly what it seems like though…. she isn’t really into the eating thing…. we just decided me create a bit of drama with the ever-entertaining Lamisa….. 🙂

the photos were taken with Panasonic LX-5 + Yongnuo YN-560 flash


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