the cigarette beggar….

26 January 2014


it was 6th June 2009, when I went to Baidyer Bazar in Narayanganj on a photowalk with a lot of my photo-mates…. it was a warm day, but a productive one in terms of photos….. in the late afternoon we ended up by the Meghna River…. there were several typical shabby-looking local restaurants there…. I found an old man by one of the restaurants….. couldn’t help spending some time with him…. took some photos of him, but also learned a little about his life…. he was a beggar at that time….. he begged a cigarette from the restaurant and started to indulge in it…. he really went deep into it…. I haven’t seen anyone enjoying a puff so much…. there was something about it…. something in his eyes, that really made me think….


he was a fisherman once…. too old to be useful, he now spends time by the restaurants on the river…… he can’t afford a meal, but somehow he can’t forget smoking either….. many of the people living in the cities either don’t live as long as what he has, or don’t have enough strength in their lungs to take a puff (if they were smokers)….. not that I’m endorsing smoking; I’m not a smoker as well…. actually what I’m trying to convey is the enjoyment part…. the happiness there…. the old man I saw didn’t have anything, yet he was able to find happiness in that little piece of health hazard!….. its not that others don’t find happiness in it; but I can bet that others can’t go even near to him in terms of finding that little piece of happiness….

I’ve seen people getting so much; yet not having anything…. I’ve seen people pursuing happiness like crazy, until finding themselves hundred miles from happiness and not having a way of making a comeback…. more of us try to convince ourselves that happiness is right there on the corner, but never think that it can be with us; right here; right now…. its always the other side of the river that looks nice….

ultimately what matters is how happy you are at the end of the day…. and that happiness is only in your eyes…. you are the one who has to pursue to get it… but you are the one who has to decide whether you got it or not…. being happy with what you have is the happiest thing on earth…. and one thing is for sure…. happiness can’t be bought….


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