crazy about reflections…..

29 January 2014


it was an evening on the night of 8th November 2006…. I went to Chandrima Udyan (or Zia Udyan, as it was known at that time) with my brand new Sony H-2 camera…. the park, at that time, was pretty well lit… but the lake there was less-than-average-full…. this is a rare occasion, actually…. I’ve gone there many times and went by that lake almost continuously for years…. but haven’t seen the water-level of that lake so low too many times…. this rare phenomenon exposed a wet piece of concrete step right below the bridge, which is across the narrow lake…. this step allowed someone to stand right below the bridge…. and umm, yes…. with a camera…. so, when a crazy guy with a brand new digital camera in hand saw that, the rest was predictable…. it was a slippery place…. some bad stuff could’ve happened…. but as you can see now, I’m still alive!

the position right below the bridge allowed me to place the camera on tripod and acquire a unique angle of the bridge…. the bridge, which was well-lit at that time, provided a spectacular view from there…. the unique design of the bridge wasn’t the only specialty of that view…. it also gave a beautiful view of the reflection of the bridge on the lake water…. that reflection was the thing that attracted me there in the first place…..

Morning mirror

this reflection thingy made me do things all throughout….. at Satkhira, we were there as a group of photographers…. a bit crazy at times….. we were on our way to the Sundarbans when we spotted the morning sun reflected there…. we came back to that place on our way back from the Sundarbans…. this photo was taken during the inward journey in the morning….. that was 2008….

Break free....

then, in 2009, at Manikganj, we saw the betel-nut trees reflected on the water….. so, had to wait for a kid to run…. it took some time to get it though….

Stepping on my footsteps

even the birds of Tanguar Haor didn’t escape from this craze for reflections….. it required some luck, as the Purple Swamphens were not too eager to show off in front of the camera….. that was 2010….

the above shots were all reflections created by Nature…. just a few examples out of many different scenarios wjere I went after reflections…. I just had to be at the right angle to capture the reflections…. for that to happen, I sometimes had to position myself in a tough place, or had to wait for the right moment, or had to depend on luck….. but since those days I’ve made lesser and lesser photos of Nature….. but that craze for reflections always bites me whenever chances arrive….

Saadi - newborn

so, in 2011, when we were doing the newborn shoot for Baby Saadi, we found a table on location with a glass top…. and it just had to happen again…. it was that wee bit of luck that reignited the craze….

I know that reflections are some of those typical photographic compositional blah-blah…. its almost every photographer’s passion to get reflections in a photo whenever the opportunity arises…. I’m just one of those crazy bunch of people….


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