shoot into the sun!!

06 February 2014

Lamisa is still recovering from her almost week-long illness…. So, she gets a lot of favours that she’s not supposed to get on a regular day…. She demands something during her meals almost everyday…. Usually it’s a 50-50 thing on any other day…. But now-a-days, the success rate she enjoys is pretty high….


She demanded a little play with the bubbles right after her meal…. As she spends enough time finishing her meal, the winter sun usually leans against the tall buildings nearby…. So, it isn’t a long while during which the sun takes a peak through the front-side windows…. The golden light coming through there gets wasted most of the time…. But because of Lamisa, it found a good use….


As Lamisa got busy with the bubbles, out came the camera….. the old Nikon D70s was the easiest grab…. And it also attracted the 85mm 1.8 lens…. Shallow DoF, and more importantly, into the sun!…. flares?…. so what?…. sometimes that’s exactly what we crazies desire…. When we buy lenses, we demand that it produces the least amount of flares…. But when we shoot, we look for the ‘faulty’ flares!!….. we really are hypocrites!!…. anyway, even wide open at f1.8, it produced very little or no flare at all!!…. well, at least from several angles that I chose, there was hardly any flares that I could complaint against (or get excited about)….


Anyway, the moral of the story is there is no right or wrong in photography…. You just shoot when and how you want to…. And give a damn about anyone else saying anything about technical stuff….

Photography is more about the photographer, than it is about the machines…..



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