nothing but a prison….

07 March 2014


its difficult to say where life would take us tomorrow on our journey towards survival…. its a subtle game life plays with us….. the game sometimes gives us a bit of smile, which ultimately gives us hope to live another day…. and the game continues…. we don’t know where this game ends, but that hope keeps us looking for something that we never get…. sometimes we take a pause and wonder – what are we after?


life had been tough…. taught a mighty lot of things of late…. so, took a pause and tried to realise what lessons have accumulated…. a prison…. yes, nothing but a prison that we live in…. if we ever thought of gaining something out of that prison, we were wrong….. its there within these bars…. just have to think with a clear mind…. sometimes our vision take us somewhere we don’t belong…. we have been sitting on it all along…. just have to take a pause and realise…..


anyway, had a day off today…. went to Botanical Garden at Mirpur, Dhaka….. it was TTL’s annual group shoot right before “Bangladesh in Frames 6” (BIF-6)….. missed almost all of the events of TTL for the last several years…. so, just joined the photogs under the tall trees for a short while…. it was more of a breathing space for me rather than finding myself right in the middle of action….. it wasn’t like the earlier years….. the closely knit bamboo bushes there reminded me of that very prison that kept me busy thinking……

all photos taken with Panasonic Lumix LX-5


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  1. haridasgowra says:

    very true……….

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