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Step by Step

some great examples of the use of anticipation in photography…. none other than the great Steve McCurry….

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this is how places should inspire people…. the great Steve McCurry shows us once again….

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TTL Photo Adda: The unique photography event….

12 April 2014 its been a while since we’ve experienced the last TTL Photo Adda…. yesterday, it was the 26th program of this unique event…. for a young budding photographer, in fact, for any photographer, its nothing better than getting … Continue reading

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Essentials of Lightroom Workshop

A day long workshop organized by TTL on “Essential of Lightroom: Workflow and color management” focusing photography. Adobe Lightroom has been designed specifically for photographers. It is designed to assist users in managing large quantities of digital images and doing…

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Horses and Humans

extraordinary depiction of relationship between humans and horses portrayed by the great Steve McCurry……

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