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Reflections on Portraiture

classic environmental portraits by Steve McCurry…..

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BIF6 Poster and banners

TTL has released the official banners of BIF6 : Web Banners: Photos (c) Left – Hasibul Haque Sakib Right – Zamiruddin Faisal Photos (c) Left – Shawkat Shuvro Right – Arifur Rahman Mitul Display pic: Photo(c) : Faisal Akram Ether…

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nothing but a prison….

07 March 2014 its difficult to say where life would take us tomorrow on our journey towards survival…. its a subtle game life plays with us….. the game sometimes gives us a bit of smile, which ultimately gives us hope … Continue reading

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Children of the Omo

quite extraordinary works of Steve McCurry…..

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shoot into the sun!!

06 February 2014 Lamisa is still recovering from her almost week-long illness…. So, she gets a lot of favours that she’s not supposed to get on a regular day…. She demands something during her meals almost everyday…. Usually it’s a … Continue reading

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