Step by Step

some great examples of the use of anticipation in photography…. none other than the great Steve McCurry….

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this is how places should inspire people…. the great Steve McCurry shows us once again….

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TTL Photo Adda: The unique photography event….

12 April 2014


its been a while since we’ve experienced the last TTL Photo Adda…. yesterday, it was the 26th program of this unique event…. for a young budding photographer, in fact, for any photographer, its nothing better than getting some different perspective of someone’s own work from others; especially from people who had been involved in photography for some time…. in today’s busy world its hard to get so many to gather at a single place for a face-to-face discussion on photography; a critic session; a photography learning presentation; and last not least, the sharing of ideas….. its true that online activities help us grow…. but people still have lesser time to invest behind online discussions or critic sessions…. actually online can never fully replace an actual physical event with face-to-face interaction….. and this has been proven again during this “Photo Adda” event…..


it was a privilege to watch so many good photos and to discussion on almost every single one of them….. the submitted photos were of great quality and it was surely a very learning session for all photographers present, not just for those who submitted their works for display….. the attendance was big, and the participation and involvement was really encouraging….

the day was enlightened by the excellent body of work by Khalid Rayhan Shawon…. his nine-month long work on people around the Dhaka International Airport has already received critical acclaim…. he hasn’t finished the work yet, but already it looks to have a decent future….. and the photographer has given us hope on the continuation of this unique work….


the other mentionable works came from Kumar Bishwajit, Jewel Paul and Anamika Chowdhury….. all of them showed some glimpses from their recent India tour….. their photos showed us why India is considered a gold mine for photography….


the overall event was stolen by Tumon Ahsan in the end…. he shared his experiences from his five-year-long stay in Afghanistan….. we’ve seen a lot of great photos from numerous famous photojournalists….. but we haven’t experienced hands-on what it feels like being there…. Tumon Ahsan gave us that feeling….. his photos may not win awards, but awed everyone with the completeness of the story, which were not possible without his vivid first-hand description….. it was a priceless learning about a country where everything is unique to say the least…. he ultimately won the prestigious Photo of Photo Adda (POPA) award, not for any photos, but for the experience he was able to give everyone….

the evening also saw photos from quite a few other young photographers….. I hope I won’t upset anyone if I don’t put the list here….. I’m just talking about highlights….


anyway, the Adda wasn’t complete without the excellent presentation by Arifur Rahman Mitul….. his presentation on Magnum’s legendary photographer Raghu Rai surely inspired everyone…. I was talking about Raghu Rai during Jewel Paul’s photos from India, not knowing that Mitul Bhai would present on that very photographer…..

Photo Adda also gives an opportunity to photographers to mingle and share ideas….. face-to-face discussions…. more “adda” in a sense…. its priceless….. “TTL Photo Adda” is still THE unique photography event in Dhaka….

(all photos were taken with a Panasonic Lumix LX-5 + A Yongnuo YN-560 flash)

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Essentials of Lightroom Workshop

a great opportunity to learn from one of the bests in this business…..


A day long workshop organized by TTL on “Essential of Lightroom: Workflow and color management” focusing photography.

Adobe Lightroom has been designed specifically for photographers. It is designed to assist users in managing large quantities of digital images and doing post production work. Lightroom combines photo management and editing in one interface.

TTL’s Adobe Lightroom course designed by Pro Picture Editor!

Maximum of 10 students per class!
Course Fee only 2500 taka (including lunch and refreshment)
Date: 19th April 2014
Time: 10 am to 4:30 pm
Last Date of Registration (Advance Payment): 15 April, 2014
Classroom: TTL Check In (19th Floor, Navana Tower, Gulshan-1)

Instructor: Aninda Kabir Avik

Workshop breif content:

This workshop takes you on a wide-ranging journey through Adobe Lightroom, from capture to output, whilst exploring the practical and creative functionality of the industry standard photo editing software. If you want to make the most of your shots…

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Horses and Humans

extraordinary depiction of relationship between humans and horses portrayed by the great Steve McCurry……

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